mase yang sangat santai..edisi review citer The uninvited

boathouse yg terbakar n jdik main focus utk movie nih

merancang penyiasatan ke ats mak tiri gn Alex

haku duk lam kelas ni..bru pas abeh ngok cite The uninvited dlm letop..Fulamak...SYOK gile....mmg twist abes r..pnt speculate pe akn jdik in the end..peh,twist ,twist,twist,,haku suke ending yg mind-twisting n unexpected cani. tp haku tamo jadik korg tgk r sndirik..wuhu..bes,bes..

skrg mase sangat santai.keje ade tp mls nk buwat..tatau nk buwat ape..erh..tetibe tingat psl MUET..dgar cite writing n listening same reading nye sgt sush,..sush tahap tok nenek r pendek kate..seb bek x amek still a bit regretful..if only i went to that test,i might get a band 3,if only luck is on my side..or even if i fail n end up with a shameful band..who cares?i miss a speaking test so it isn't that bad..oh..well..what's done is done..i can always take MUET another time. maybe next year..another year..another long,long year..........

haha.just realised that i've been speaking english in this particular entry. Changing mood,changing mode. english mode.just watched an english movie and somehow got carried away by it..The Uninvited. again,it was awesome. can't help saying that. for the past half an hour(immediately after watching the show)i've been going around telling people how great that movie was and hoping that they will watch it. it turns out that everyone has already watched it(in the Cinema,mind u) and they were all like," yesterday!".....
i'm the only one still excited about it and they were all so over it by now.

well,i never thought it would be that fun. i thought i'd be just another typical horror movies with a long-haired girl crawling out of the bed,got murdered n now back on revenge,bla,bla, out of five,i'd happily give it a full five.

the girl's acting was exceptional. at first,she kind of annoyed me. u know,stiff acting,weird face(her face is somewhat unique). but started to dwell on me that this girl is phenomenal. okay,maybe i'm exagerrating a lil bit. but she was so..cute. she act nice,(well,not bad for a newbie:if she is,of course)and she is kinda cute,actually

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