terlalu banyak kejutan dalam satu hari

hari ni banyak perkara-perkara mengejutkan berlaku smpai rse cm xleh nk hadam sume tu..couple of days ago,adik's grandpa died. oh,adik is my classmate that is very close to me n call me kak long..we're like brother n sisters now. n he's always this happy,crazy and cheeky bo who walks from desk to desk disturbing people and making everybody laugh at his funny
antics..typical adik..but now he has turn solemn,serious and quiet. holding a picture of his dead grandpa everywhere he goes,and in his bag,he showed me just now,a newspaper showing the news of the accident. in Sinar Harian. poor guy. i've talked to him like how a sister talks to her brother and try to use my gift of gab to console him and get him back to his old self,but sooner i realise he's better off being let alone. i talked for a while,because he needed to talk to me,and after making sure that he's okay,i stepped back and continue with my work...and after that,more shocking news hit my eardrum..

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