This entry is for real.ignore if u may. i was just talking to myself

hey,time flies..u're a grandpa now aren't u..

Hey dad.happy fathers day

U won’t understand it,I suppose,but I say it anyway.happy fathers day.

So,do u know that I love u?

Well,I never said that to u,but u never did too.

And we have so little time to talk about feelings and all.

We have so little time.

Sorry if we ‘leave’ u for so many years

I think it’s rather the other way around,

I’ve been waiting at the school gates for many years,

And standing with reports card for you to see,

All the awards and prizes I received at schools,

For you to be proud and smile about,

All the good grades I’ve worked my best for,

For you to boast about and adore,

U never did came ,dad.never.

For years,little ‘me’, endured difficult childhood being called an orphan,

Being laughed at,and easily bullied,

Simply because ,I have no father to stick up for me in hard times

I waited for u during rainy days,

For you to pick me up with an umbrella

I waited for u during sunny day,

For u take me for a walk around the neighbourhood,

Or goes shopping like others would

I waited for u everyday,

U never did came,

And now that u’re here,

There’s so little to say,for so many years lost

U can’t rewind the moment dad,

And the silence in ur car today,

Is only the reflection of all the conversation we missed before.

All the phonecalls u never make,

The visit u never pay,

All the birthdays u never attend,

All the wounds you never mend

We have so little time left

So many things left unsettled.

I love u dad.

I was never angry at what u ‘ve done

I know u’re sorry,ur eyes said so.

And the lines on ur face

Tells a story of a poor man

Living off his age

Alone in the corner of darkness.

I love u dad.

Before ur destiny puts u on eternal halt,

I want u to know,I love u.

I want u to smile and say,I love u too.

i will come and visit u,abah. ijan loves u.

u may hurt me like a dagger stabbing through my chest

but i will still stand there

in front of ur door,

saying i love u.

luahan hati,eichan.

3 kepul Awan:

orange7 said...

ko menukilkan juga cite sedih ko d sini ye..Nice poem..jgn lupe tunjukkan poem tu kt ayah ko k...

sincera said...

heheh.klo tunjuk pung bukan beliau paham..cepatla elaun masok..nk jumpe die..

naznaz said...

huhu3..sedih.poem yang ekhlas untuk seorang abah.

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